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Understanding Google Rank Brain

An Introduction to Google Rank Brain

Welcome to the world of SEO! Jumpstart your business with Google Rank Brain that is one of the main components of Google’s search algorithm, which determines the search results right after you insert high-quality content and links on your webpage. It plays a vital role and helps Google to find best searches that lack clear answers. Google’s current algorithm update is Hummingbird which got introduced in 2013. For your information this machine learning (AI) algorithm was earlier used by Bloomberg, and now best used by Google to receive signals that offer the most relevant results to the searcher once understand the need of search engine queries. Let’s have an Intro to Google Rank Brain, which is nothing but artificial intelligence that is ideal for implementing in your business when you are in fierce competition with your competitors. It boosts traffic and thereby enhances your ranking system to get listed on top of Google search pane. Though Google is a complicated company, it holds thousands of different products which move in different directions. Rank Brain is a basic algorithm or what we say a ranking signal that optimizes your site to find the correct answer for the queries asked in search engines.

How does Rain Brain work for Google?

Rank Brain is a machine-learning (AI) algorithm of Google that is designed by human engineers to leverage 100% search results without the need of humans to complete the task manually. It utilizes target keywords to ease the task of Google searchers find what they are interested in. In that way, it keeps engaged the Google searchers with accurate results and offers them complete satisfaction.

Salient Features of Google Rain Brain:

  1. When a user types a keyword on search pane, Google scans every search results page that includes this particular keyword. However, if the keyword is unfamiliar, Google takes some time to list out which the user is in search to meet his specific needs. Therefore it is highly essential that every user first understand which type of keyword will offer him right results.
  2. When implemented, it optimizes the researcher’s task and offers them exact results within a short period. In that way, it is an excellent way to match even an unfamiliar keyword and quickly figure out that is existing in Google, as all the keywords get turned into concepts with Rain Brain which makes the page easy to read and visible for the Google searcher.
  3. When a Google searcher types keywords the RankBrain displays a set of search results and allow the searchers to interact with those keywords which show results of a particular page to offer them complete satisfaction, when Rain Brain passes signals to Google it automatically boosts the ranking of that specific page and helps Google drop that page to refresh with new one. In that way, it offers complete user satisfaction.
  4. The other thing which a Google researcher can follow is to avoid inserting long-tail keywords which are irrelevant to fit true to the concepts behind keywords. Hence it is sure that with changing patterns and different style pages, the same will not work and the keywords are thus required to format to get recognized by Google quickly. Rain Brain helps the Google researcher offering him identical search results.
  5. When the long-tail keywords are not working in the present trend, similarly, there is a great need to optimize common tail keywords to list out search volume for better results. But what is great about them is that they are not uncontrollably competitive and functions better only when Rank Brain, which is artificial intelligence can change the keyword to offer you accurate results and completes your research.
  6. Not only Keywords Rain Brain is highly beneficial to optimize even Titles and Description Tags for Click-Through-Rate. It means the number of times the user clicks on the search results it pulls maximum traffic which optimizes and boosts the ranking of your webpage. In that way, Rain Brain sends signals to Google to open that particular page providing the accurate results which the user wants.
  7. Try this machine learning (AI) algorithm to bring possible changes in your Title Tags that look more appealing and touch the heartstrings of viewers to click on your page. Implementing it not only strengthens your relationship with the user but helps transform the title of your page with highly emotional headlines that encourage people to share it with close friends and relatives spread all across the world via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Are you ready to start your search on Google? Then don’t waste your time and hands-on this tool of Google Rank Brain which is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that reduces the time of human efforts to search the content which is useful to them. With right keyword Rain Brain filters all the pages which the user are searching on Google. Hence it is both cost-effective and time-saving to get the desired information quickly without the need for human involvement. At the same time, it also boosts your performance on the web and drives traffic to your website for potential growth and earn good revenue.