Private Browsing Search Engines


The technology has now shrunk this vast world into a mini one. It all is now made possible with the help of digitalization. You can now quickly get information regarding every single thing you wish to, just by a single click.

Yes, online searching provides you with the benefit of getting information about whatever you need.

Many search engines solve your purpose and help you to get the desired result. Today, you can even use some techniques and tricks to enhance this process of searching.

Tips for better online searching includes

  • Preferring Specifications in the terms, you use by using relevant terms

Suppose you are searching for a specific topic in the Google search engine. You will get thousands of web pages linked along with it. It, therefore, becomes challenging to choose one and best link out of those thousands of links mentioned.

Hence, the use of specific terms while searching for any particular topic will help you to get the maximum output. Using different conditions related to your research will solve your purpose.

  •   Use of operators such as (+), (-), etc. to increase or decrease the length of your search

Tired of getting many unwanted results while researching for a particular subject. Using an (-)

An operator is a solution to it…

It acts as a boolean NOT operator, which minimizes the number of undesirable pages linked to the particular keyword you have used in your research. Suppose you want to search for with company in India only. Using (-in) along with the name of that company, will help you to get the best of the result.

  • No such upper and lower case capitalization

The term ‘Dog,’ ‘dog,’ ‘ DOG’ has the same meaning. Hence, we can conclude that there is no such differentiation in the case of the letters used. In short, for searching in your search engines such as Google or Yahoo, you don’t need to be case-specific. Uppercase and lower case letters mean the same for your search engines.

  • Avoid the use of punctuation marks

Using articles such as a, an, the can be usually avoided as it won’t make any significant difference.

Therefore, one can ignore the use of punctuations and adequate grammar while searching for a particular keyword.

  •  Summing up the keywords of your search to 3-4 words for better results

Limiting the number of words you are using for keywords will provide you with great ease with your search. Using the specific keywords efficiently will save a lot of your time of typing and limit you with choices helping you do better research.

  • Using multiple search engines
top search engines

The use of numerous search engines will increase the number of results one is getting. Therefore, the use of sites that provide you with similar results widens your thinking horizon by providing many ideas about the same theme. It is also valuable to utilize other search engines if you want to search privately. There are a number of reasons one may want to browse privately. If one is browsing adult content for example or looking for a hookup on DoubleList Personals turning towards a search engine like duckduckgo to keep your searches private might be an attractive choice.

  • Using SEO according to the number of views

 When you search according to Search engine optimization, the first thing that matters is the number of views. So, one must take care of it to get better results.

Some such tips help one for better online searching and increase the rate of better output.

In short, it enhances the efficiency of your search by optimizing it according to the search engine.